We’re aware that a number of big changes are being introduced to parts of the General Permitted Development Order in August 2020. These are intended to stimulate the economy, regenerate High Streets and deliver more housing.
These have been referred to in the press and in recent Government announcements. However a series of Explanatory Memorandums have been published recently that explain them further and put a little ‘meat on the bones’ of what’s coming.
The changes will still mean a role for your poor planning consultant (!?) as most require the submission of applications for Prior Approval. Further, whilst developers and landowners look to take advantage in the early days, these opportunities will inevitably be refined and reduced as Local Authorities and the Courts establish the boundaries and wrestle back control.
The main changes are summarised below. Please note that there are others but these are the most common ones we come across:
• Additional requirement for office/ agricultural/ light industrial conversions to residential (inc. Classes O & Q) to include an assessment of “the provision of adequate natural light in all habitable rooms of the dwellinghouses” (probably in response to the Watford appeal where Prior Approval was granted for flats with no windows).
• New Class allows the additional temporary use of land for any purpose for up to 28 days during the 6 month period from 01/07/2020 to 31/12/2020 (in addition to the Part 4 Class B allowance of 28 days use of land in any calendar year).
• Another new Class allows the construction of up to two additional storeys of new dwellinghouses on top of a purpose-built detached block of flats. This is subject to a number of limitations including the existing block must be 3 or more storeys in height and the extension be sited on the principle elevation. Note that this PD right does not allow the extension of buildings that have been converted to flats and only applies to purpose built flatted blocks.
There are also likely to be further changes introduced, including additional permitted development rights for building upwards, including for new and bigger homes and also possibly greater flexibility in the High Street…watch this space!
If you need any advice on this or any planning matter, please don’t hesitate to contact us